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       Karina Guévin fell in love with glass while studying at UQTR (Québec University in Trois-Rivières), where she started making mixed-media sculptures, including glass. This led her to Montréal’s glass school, Espace Verre, where she perfected her glassblowing skills.

       Her approach to glass is very innovative. She always tries to push the envelope when it came to developing her idea. The form and the color come from the bottom of her soul and reflect her crazy bubbly personality. 

      She currently works as a flameworking teacher for many international schools , The Pilchuck Glass School,The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass as well as the Pratt school in Seattle. In 2014 She taught at the Niijima Glass Museum in Japan. 

      In 2010 she received the prestigious Francois-Houdé Award. She had receive several grants from the Canadian and Québec Consul for the Arts, many grants from SODEC (Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises in Quebec), and the Gilles Verville grant in visual art.

       Her work is shown in Canada as well as in the United States, France, Japan and the United Kingdom, where she exhibits glass sculptures and jewelry.






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